Your Programme

Transform your life. Not just your body

Our plans are unique to you

What’s in your programme:


Individual assessment (including blood work)


Personalised nutrition and exercise plan


Weekly goal coaching sessions

About The Programme

See and feel a difference in your:

Eating habits

Productivity at work

Energy levels

Happiness at home


Blood pressure

Sleep quality

Body fat percentage

Strength, fitness & mobility

Muscular/movement imbalances

How it works

Programme Step 01

Your starting point

We kick things off by getting to know you, and your body better with scientific tests and individual questionnaires. We look at your current health, medical history, goals and reason why you’ve signed up. They enable us to determine your starting point and make a plan that you can keep.

Contact us to find out more about our testing.

Programme Step 02

Tailoring your plan

From your results we design a bespoke programme for you. These exercises meet you where you are. This means we can keep your body safe from injury and incrementally increase the intensity to progress you towards your goals. You will feel competent and see progress every session.

Programme Step 03


Our Head of Nutrition, Dr. Warren Bradley, will review your tests and provide expert feedback and bespoke suggestions for you.

Together with your Coach, they’ll create your personalised nutrition plan which will work with your lifestyle and help you make healthy, delicious choices.

Programme Step 04

Goal Coaching

Every week you will have a 30 minute goal coaching session. Together we’ll set three simple, realistic goals to focus on over the next seven days. These then become part of the following week’s assessment.

Setting goals and measuring them has been proven successful for forming long-term habits.

These sessions are a chance for you to be frank with your coach and let him/her know any hurdles you are facing mentally or physically. This isn’t a ‘test’ you don’t pass or fail. This session is here to keep you on track no matter what.

Goal Coaching


Clients’ Journeys

“The big difference between Goal Master and competitors is their scientific approach. Everything is tracked, every data point is noted and your training is based on analysis of that data. This gives you great confidence that there is a clear and well thought out plan to your training.”

– Patrick, Partner, International Law Firm