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This is a very difficult time for many of us. Concern for ourselves and others. Loss of income. Anxiety about an uncertain future.
We owe a debt of gratitude to the NHS, emergency services, the medical community and all those who are providing critical healthcare to those who need it and who are working to keep food on all our tables. At Goal Master, we also thank our clients, who continue to work with us through these difficult times, and our coaches who deliver virtual personalised training and nutrition and lifestyle coaching to our clients.
As we settle into the new normal, perhaps we should think about how best to make the most of our new circumstances. Some of us will find ourselves with free time we have previously only dreamed of. How we use that free time is ultimately a matter of personal choice. While there is nothing inherently wrong with binging on Netflix from time to time, we do have choices. We share some ideas you may want to consider. We focus here on ways in which you can positively impact your health, fitness and nutrition.  If you are on a journey to improve your health, this is no time to stop.  If you are not, it’s a great time to start.


In a rare moment of genius, the government tells us we may leave our homes once per day to exercise outdoors. And, of course, we can exercise indoors. While our freedom of movement is restricted, more than ever, we now have a great reason to exercise our freedom to exercise.

Outdoor exercise is an opportunity to escape our homes without putting ourselves at risk of infection or exposing others, so long as we keep our distance. As the weather warms up, we can enjoy long walks, as well as running or cycling. If you are new to outdoor exercise, you can start by walking to the shops, instead of taking the car, or taking just 15 minutes a day to begin to build a new healthful habit. If you already enjoy outdoor exercise, doing it more often and for longer is an obvious silver lining of the current environment.

Indoor exercise may seem a bit more daunting, particularly for the vast majority of us who do not have gym equipment in the garage. Many people can do effective strength training by doing a simple bodyweight routine, even if that means starting with pushups and bodyweight squats. To enhance your workout, you can buy simple and inexpensive equipment such as resistance bands, swiss balls and medicine balls. Many online shops selling home equipment have had a huge spike in demand in recent days and are temporarily sold out. As they restock, getting hold of home kit should become easier. If you are not sure how to get started or what to do, just about every fitness professional is currently offering online coaching and virtual training. Most are self-employed and suffering a significant loss of income at the moment. If you are still working and have the financial means, employing a personal trainer is also an act of kindness. If you would like help finding equipment or locating an available trainer, please do not hesitate to contact us at We will explain the offerings that we have developed for at-home training and support. If our offerings are not right for you, we will help you find something that is suitable.


Healthy Eating

Having more free time and the closure of pubs and restaurants converge to provide us with another great health opportunity. We can now prepare more of our own meals in our own kitchens using fresh ingredients. If you’re not much of a cook, this is a great time to practise. If you’re not sure what healthy eating means, now is a great time to learn.

Please be mindful that there is a huge amount of misinformation in the marketplace about what constitutes healthy eating. This is not the time to buy into fads promoted by the food, supplements or diet industries. If you would like to take a bit of time to learn practical things about nutrition and health, at, we would be pleased to share our information library with you at no cost. We provide short articles on a range of nutrition topics, all designed to be easily digested and remembered. If you want to take it a step further, we can offer expert consultation with certified nutritionists to guide you during this time. 


Belonging to a community and socialising within it promotes physical and mental health. If there has ever been a time to use technology, this is it. Stay in touch with friends and family. Start a neighbourhood chat group to ensure that people on their own are looked after. Let neighbours know when you’re off to the shops and offer to pick up and drop off for them. Set up chat rooms for singalongs, or even coffee mornings or cocktail parties. Join or create a virtual book club. Take advantage of the online offerings provided by your place of worship. Stay engaged with people, albeit at a distance.


Good sleep hygiene also promotes physical and mental health. It can also help you manage and reduce stress. If you often struggle to get a good night’s sleep, you may find it well within reach at the moment.

In conclusion, we wish you and your families continued health and we hope you make the most out of your time together. 

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